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Corvus Energy to provide battery for Navtek’s first all-electric tug

Turkish ship designer and builder Navtek Naval Technologies has selected Corvus Energy to provide its Corvus Orca energy storage system (EES) for the world’s first battery-powered, all-electric tugboat

Corvus Energy has announced that the Corvus Orca energy storage system (ESS) has been selected by Turkish ship designer and builder Navtek Naval Technologies, a subsidiary company of TK Tuzla Shipyard, for the world’s first battery-powered, all-electric tugboat.

The Navtek NV-712 ZeeTUG, which stands for Zero Emissions Electric Tug, will be delivered in early 2019 to GISAS Shipbuilding Industry Co to operate primarily in Istanbul harbour. Navtek vice chairman of the board Orkun Özek, said: “The tug is small and will work in a very narrow and tight environment, which is why we opted for a fully electric, battery-powered propulsion system rather than a hybrid solution.”

The Corvus ESS battery, with energy storage capacity of 1,500 kWh, will provide power for two SIEMENS propulsion motors driving conventional propulsion system through ABB thrusters and drive systems, integrated by Turkey’s BMA Technology.

“We selected Corvus because of their extensive expertise and track record with tugs and all-electric workboats,” said general manager of Navtek Ferhat Acuner. “We are confident in their ability to deliver a first-class solution for our newest battery-powered tug design and look forward to working with the team at Corvus.”

“As a leading electric system integrator, BMA Technology is constantly looking for more efficient and innovative solutions,” says R&D manager of BMA Technology Akın Artun. “Corvus is a reliable partner and we are looking forward to cooperating on the ZeeTUG project.”

“It has been a pleasure to work with BMA and Navtek on this project,” says team leader of technical sales support at Corvus Energy Tommy Sletten. “Close collaboration with their knowledgeable teams allowed us to determine the technical solution quickly.”

“Corvus has supplied battery ESSs for numerous hybrid tugs, and we are excited to have been selected for the industry’s first all-electric tug,” says director of sales and key account at Corvus Energy Roger Rosvold. “With ever more stringent emissions controls in harbours and coastal shipping routes, we expect interest in battery-powered operation of a wide variety of marine vessels to grow significantly.”

As the leading manufacturer of energy storage systems for maritime applications, Corvus Energy provides battery power to more hybrid or all-electric ferries than all other providers of energy storage systems combined. Corvus offers the innovative Orca ESS solutions portfolio and has unsurpassed experience from 140+ projects, totalling over 100 MWh and 2 million operating hours.

Source: Corvus Energy

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