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Cummins-powered electric mini excavator prototype showcased at Bauma

The excavator can charge in under three hours

Cummins has featured an electric prototype mini excavator on its stand (A4-325) at the Bauma show (8-14 April).

“At Cummins our strategy is to develop diversified, dependable power solutions. With a 100-year-long track record of powering our customers’ success, Cummins will demonstrate once again to Bauma visitors that we are transforming our industries, and innovating the latest alternative power solutions. We look forward to continuing to partner with companies to design and test the construction industry’s latest technologies,” said vice-president of electrified power Julie Furber.

Powered by Cummins BM4.4E flexible battery modules (4.4 kWh each), the 3.5-tonne excavator prototype is designed to support a full work shift and charge in under three hours. The machine eliminates all gaseous emissions and substantially reduces noise, making it ideal for use in urban and sub-urban construction.

The excavator contains eight BM4.4E modules connected in a series configuration to provide a total energy of 35 kWh. Mounted near the base of the excavator, the Cummins-designed and built battery modules utilise Li-ion technology to achieve a higher energy density and proprietary control technology to maintain the battery state-of-charge for a longer zero emission range. The modular design also allows for scalability to other applications and duty cycles.

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