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CUPRA creates a new path in the TCR series

CUPRA’s TCR can accelerate from 0-100 kmph in 3.2 seconds

The new era of touring car competition has officially started – WSC Technology has presented the ETCR series, the first ever electric, multi-brand touring car championship that will kick off in 2020.

With the e-Racer, CUPRA has done pioneering work in TCR racing history by building the first touring car that complies with the requirements of the new ETCR championship starting in 2020. During the past months, the CUPRA team has conducted exhaustive performance tests, confirming the great success.

Although the e-Racer weights 400 kilos more than the current CUPRA TCR, it shows excellent performances on the track with a 0-100 kmph acceleration in 3.2 seconds and a 0-200 kmph in 8.2 seconds.

The engines of the e-Racer are located over the rear axle and deliver up to 500 kW (680 horsepower), which is 242 kW (330 HP) more than the classical CUPRA TCR, and is additionally equipped with an energy recovery system.

CUPRA director of strategy, business development and operations Antonino Labate affirmed that “the racing is a part of CUPRA’s DNA. CUPRA is creating a new path and is bringing the TCR competition to the next level. This is a perfect example for what the CUPRA brand stands for and is reflecting the values we believe in.”

CUPRA Racing director Jaime Puig added: “We are so proud to be front-runners who develop new experiences around global motorsport. Electric races were something from the distant future but we brought them closer. One of the main challenges of an electric car is to find a balance between power and range, but this is what makes it so exciting.”

WSC Technology president Marcello Lotti emphasised that: “Our ultimate goal is to show fans that electric car races are just as entertaining as those with internal combustion-engine. And we would like to highlight the deep involvement of CUPRA in the overall project from a technical point of view.”

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