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Daymak promises Tesla-beating go-kart

Daymak Blast C5 Go-Kart (PRNewsfoto/Daymak)

The company has designed its go-kart to reach 0-60mph in 1.5 seconds, trouncing even a Model S P100D

Beating a Tesla Model S P100D to 60mph is no easy feat. Attempting to do it in a go-kart is damned crazy.

Yet that is what Canadian personal EV maker Daymak is looking to do. With a strong history in developing personal e-mobility vehicles such as ebikes and scooters, the company’s latest innovation – the C5-Blast Go-Kart – looks to be something else altogether.

Part go-kart, part ducted-fan-hover-machine, it could mark a new level of EV power. Company president Aldo Baiocchi says: “We have developed the fastest 100% clean energy go kart in the world by far. We plan to achieve 0 to 60 in less than 1.5 seconds!” If successful, it would put the C5 almost 0.8 seconds ahead of Tesla’s 2.28-second record – assuming whoever is driving isn’t killed by an explosion of torque.

The standard C5 Blast Go-Kart features a liquid-cooled 10kW motor and is powered by 2.4 kWh worth of Panasonic li-ion cells. A production model retails for US$9,999 according to the company.

However its record-setting C5-Blast Go-Kart Ultimate benefits from an additional 8 EDF side motors for combined output of 96 kg of upwards thrust, and 4 rear EDF motors for 60kg of forward thrust. Turning these on (and using Daymak’s balancing system) reduces the kart’s weight from approximately 200kg, to approximately 100kg, making it light enough to reach the promised speeds.

Source: Daymak
Source: Daymak

According to Daymak specifications, each of these fan motors also has a small individual battery, which (ElecTrans assumes) may act like supercapacitors enabling large amounts of power to reach the fans in very short windows.

According to a May 11 update, the current Blast prototype is already “hovering around the [1.5s] record and only in its alpha stage.”

Baiocchi added: “We could actually make it lighter and faster and at some point the Go Kart would start floating like the Star Wars land speeder or we could add wings and it would fly. Speed will not be an issue and we think we can even go eventually under 1 second 0 to 60 making it faster than any vehicle in existence.” The mind boggles.

However, you can expect this neck-snapping model to set you back around US$59,995 – so we’re not sure how many we’ll see on local racetracks.

Daymak is looking to apply its technology to other projects and EVs, and is seeking partners and investors. Provided its inventors can live at that speed, we’re excited to see what possibilities are next.


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