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Designworks and Shell tackle H2 refuelling

Designworks/Shell refuelling concept

Collaboration offers new design for consumer hydrogen filling stations

BMW Group’s Designworks and Royal Dutch Shell have been collaborating on the development of a new form of hydrogen dispenser. Their aim has been to improve the overall experience of refuelling for hydrogen drivers on the forecourt, in order to help drive the switchover to the sustainable fuel.

The result of the project is Oasis, what Designworks has called “a new hydrogen dispenser concept.” Models currently on the market are based on those designed for conventional fuels. Oasis from the “H” or “L” shaped fuel dispensers presently on the market, instead using an “I” shaped, pillar-like design with a “friendly appeal.”

The Shell dispenser design is clean and simple with all mechanical parts made invisible. When approaching the dispenser, the user will experience a light guidance system, an information screen and a nozzle for refuelling. The light concept helps guide the overall flow of cars on the forecourt by providing precise and clearly visible information about the dispenser´s occupancy and the remaining fuelling time.

For the refuelling nozzle, the team used a new pick up and mount mechanism, and integrated a screen directly into the nozzle which will guide the user through the refuelling process step by step.

Source: BMW
Fuel nozzle, with instruction screen. Source: BMW

Shell hydrogen general manager Oliver Bishop said: “We are pleased to have collaborated with Designworks in the development of a new hydrogen dispenser that will allow us to provide customers an improved hydrogen experience. It will not only make refuelling seamless, it will also help make hydrogen fuel an even more attractive option in the future”.

The dispenser concept is officially introduced at Hannover Fair from April 24-28 2017.

Source: BMW


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