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Zero Motorcycle

DigiNow Launches Supercharger for Zero Motorcycles (Motorcycle.com)

The new supercharger will bring any Zero motorcycle since 2013 to 80% charge in under an hour.

It’s not limited to Zero models either, it can charge other electric motorcycles and even electric cars.  When utilised with the onboard charger it is reported to charge at 12kW peak power and up to 9kW continuous, making it seven to ten times more powerful than the standard Zero charger.  The Super Charger is portable and so is well suited for the Zero Motorcycles and other EVs.  The launch will be initially limited with only a few units planned to be shipped on November 24th.  It will retail at $2994.

Attribution: Read More: www.motorcycle.com

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  1. Seems to be impossible to buy one. Apparently the product died.

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