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Drax revs up businesses with bespoke EV services

Drax will provide businesses with charging infrastructure and operating software

Leading B2B renewable electricity supplier Drax Group has created an end-to-end electric vehicle proposition to make switching to EVs simple and easy for businesses.

Drax’s first EV customer, SES Water, has invested in 16 new charging points and is initially replacing 10 of its 120 strong fleet of diesel vans with EVs. The switch will result in a carbon saving of 43 tonnes of CO2 per year and is another significant step forward in SES Water’s environmental commitments which last year saw the company switch to 100% renewable electricity.

The comprehensive service provided to SES Water by Haven Power, part of Drax Group, includes charging infrastructure and operating software, the leasing of EVs, supporting devices such as vehicle telematics, and the renewable electricity needed to power the vehicles.

Drax, which is the biggest supplier of renewable electricity to businesses in the UK, will also supply SES Water with telematic systems to allow usage data from the trial to be monitored, paving the way for a broader roll out plan and potential ‘vehicle to grid’ trials at SES Water.

SES Water energy and carbon manager Henrietta Stock said: “Every day we use enough energy to power 13,000 homes so we are always looking at ways to balance the environmental impact of our essential activities and support the investment in renewable generation in the UK. We have already significantly reduced our carbon emissions over the last year and working with Drax has enabled us to create a bespoke EV solution so we can understand exactly how to save the most energy, further lowering both our carbon emissions and our costs.”

The service Drax is providing includes expert advice to determine what kind of vehicles and systems will work best for customers, analysis of different charging methods to minimise fleet downtime as well as data to help companies use their fleet efficiently.

Drax retail CEO Jonathan Kini, said: “We know from supplying energy to our customers that no two businesses are alike, so a ‘one size fits all’ approach won’t deliver what they all need. Instead, we are working with customers like SES Water as an energy partner, to offer each of them a solution tailored to their specific needs. Giving them the optimal EV package will result in lower carbon emissions and costs, helping them to grow better businesses.”

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