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E.ON and Clever establish joint venture for ultra-fast charging of electric cars

E.ON and Clever will build 28 charging sites in Denmark and Sweden and 20 in Norway

Danish E-mobility Service Provider Clever and Germany’s E.ON have formed a joint venture for building and operating ultra-fast chargers along the freeways throughout Scandinavia. “Ultra-Fast Charging Venture Scandinavia” will aim to connect cities in Denmark, Norway and Sweden with a total of 48 ultra-fast charging sites.

The joint venture is fulfilling a promise to the European Commission’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programme to build 28 co-financed sites in Denmark and Sweden. In addition, the joint venture will deploy 20 sites in Norway outside of the funding scope.

The joint venture will be a charge point operator, where the partners share the vision to provide more ultra-fast charging stations and better customer experience for drivers of electrical vehicles across borders.

In 2020, all 48 sites are planned to be operational. E-mobility customers of Clever, E.ON and third party operators will get access to the charging stations.

“This joint venture is proof point of the e-mobility ecosystem at work, where governments, competitors and industries work together to achieve a greater goal – accelerating electric mobility. We share a long-term investment and vision with Clever. Jointly we will move ahead and deploy our ultra-fast charging network in Scandinavia,” says senior vice-president innovation & customer solutions at E.ON Frank Meyer.

“This is a major leap forward for Scandinavian and European EV drivers alike. With this new joint venture, we’re journeying into the new era of borderless sustainable e-mobility. Only two years ago, this was a vivid dream on Danish soil of connecting people by frictionless, limitless, rewarding EV experience, and now we’ve been granted the green light from the European Commission, with several ultra-fast charging sites sprouting throughout Denmark, Sweden and Norway,” says CEO of Clever Casper Kirketerp-Moller.

The joint venture just opened their first ultra-fast chargers in Halsskov, Denmark. Halsskov will be followed by several new sites in Denmark, Sweden and Norway in 2019. The first large flagship site will be close to Fredericia opening in the first quarter of 2019.

The two operators – Clever and E.ON Drive – will remain competitors in other service categories. E.ON Drive Infrastructure will furthermore deploy ultra-fast charging sites in Germany, UK, France, Italy as part of the EU CEF programme.

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