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Edison takes to three wheels

Vanderhall Edison EV.

Vanderhall’s latest EV three-wheeler, the Edison, will be at CES ahead of the production model deliveries in Q2

One of the things that makes the EV industry in particular so exciting is its relatively low barriers to market. ElecTrans goes to show the extent to which there is appeal for small companies making interesting vehicles and innovations.

One of the most recent we’ve come across is Utah-based Vanderhall, makers of a particularly appealing three-wheeled roadster. Following the release of its first model – the ICE-powered Laguna – in 2016 and the Venice in 2017, its latest is the Edison2 – an electric take on its stylish formula.

While the Venice’s boasts a 1.4l turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the Edison is quieter, and more torque-heavy. Dual motors on its front wheels provide 240 ft-lbs of torque and 180 HP, carrying it to 60mph in under 4 seconds – the quickest model the company has produced.

A 30kWh li-ion battery pack is also enough, Vanderhall says, for about 200 miles of range.

More than that, it looks like a lot of fun, and at US$34,950, it won’t cost the exorbitant sums demanded by some of the EV industry’s most exclusive models. Notably, the Venice is also registered as a motorcycle – a rating which presumably applies to the Edison2 too – which is also how the manufacturer avoids including weight-adding extraneous components like windshield wipers and airbags.

First announced in November 2017, the Edison2 will be available for delivery in Q2 2018, and the company is already taking pre-orders on its website.

No doubt hoping to bolster that orderbook, the company is also at CES this week, at Booth 40524.

You can see more of the Edison2 in the video below:


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