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Electric & Hybrid Aerospace Technology Symposium

Electric & Hybrid Aerospace Technology Symposium

Date: 8-9 November, 2018

Location: Cologne, Germany

Electric & Hybrid Aerospace Technology Symposium is the world’s leading international conference dedicated to ultra-low-emission aircraft technology and full-electric flight possibilities. The two-day event will cover all aspects of aerospace activity, from general aviation and smaller regional aircraft, to larger commercial airliners. Its purpose is to highlight the fast-paced development of hybrid propulsion and electrical subsystem architecture or MEA and to discuss the vast research into increased electrification of aircraft and the possibilities and challenges that brings.

In 2018, a third conference stream is being added to the event, entirely dedicated to discussing the latest and future concepts, next-generation propulsion technologies, development tools and technology to overcome the challenges of developing commercial and passenger supersonic and hypersonic aircraft. For two full days, over 30 of the world’s leading experts will explore the latest supersonic aircraft concepts, low-boom flight design (LBFD), next-generation high-speed engine and turbofan design, drag reduction, noise suppression, flight simulation and validation tools, high-altitude emissions, energy efficiency, structural design and weight reduction.

Now in its fourth year, Electric & Hybrid Aerospace Technology Symposium has firmly established itself as the premier event for high-level aerospace engineers, designers, leading research academics, propulsion engineers, aircraft manufacturers, heads of electrical system design and engineering, and anyone working on developing the future of aircraft technology. More than 70 expert speakers from around the world will present their views and current findings, plus visitors will be able to meet more than 20 industry partners and technology suppliers in our exhibitor zone, and join well over 200 attendees for two days of high-level networking and knowledge sharing.

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