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EV Charge Network program launched in California

EV Charge Network program

The three-year program officially starts in 2018 with a budget of US$130 million

In the first quarter of 2018,  Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) will begin installing new EV chargers in partnership with business customers, the first of which is Merced College.

“Merced College’s Los Banos Campus is excited to partner with PG&E on their new EV Charge Network program which promotes the sustainability goals of our district. We are committed to doing our part to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions in California and also look forward to providing increased access for future electric vehicle users,” said Joe Allison, Vice President of Administrative Services at Merced College.

While EV adoption continues to grow, one of the biggest barriers remains – the lack of available places to charge. PG&E will install 7,500 EV chargers at apartment buildings and workplaces across Northern and Central California. The EV Charge Network will increase access to charging in locations where it has traditionally been limited and where cars often sit for longer periods of time. In addition, at least 15% of the chargers will be installed in disadvantaged communities.

The EV program will pay for and build the infrastructure from the electric grid to the charger. Additionally, PG&E will offset a portion of the charger cost for all participating customers, based on the site and location.

All site hosts can choose to own their charging equipment. PG&E can own and maintain up to 35% of the total – up to 2,625 out of 7,500. Customer sites are also allowed to choose chargers from a list of pre-qualified vendors that meet quality and safety standards.

Source: Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)

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