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EV Infrastructure Summit

EV Infrastructure Summit

EV Infrastructure Summit

Date: July 3-4, 2018

Location: London, UK


The only event in Europe designed around cities, local authorities, workplaces and commercial carpark owners and operators

Europe’s goal of 8 million EVs by the end of 2020 needs rapid action and investment if it is going to come to fruition. Transport has overtaken energy generation as the biggest source of emissions in Europe and recent scandals have highlighted the need for a new approach to transport built on low-carbon generation and lower emissions vehicles.

Consumer hope for electric vehicles is high: 37.8% of UK respondents to a recent 2,000-person OVO survey expect electric vehicles to become mainstream before many other new consumer technologies. Responses are similar in Europe with a recent survey conducted by E.On showing almost 50% of 8,000 respondents think that over the next decade, there will be more electric cars then vehicles with combustion engines. The appetite isn’t just coming from consumers; BNEF forecast 530 million EVs by 2040 and oil giant BP forecasts 300 million.

Insurance company, Axa’s UK CEO has been vocal about the benefits of EVs to health, the economy and the efficiencies that autonomous vehicles could bring to economies such as lowered congestion and more convenient transport for less able-bodied consumers.

However, the hurdle that customers foresee is by far (56%) access to charging points and availability of vehicles at a reasonable cost. Other issues around choice of model and the second-hand market for cars have also emerged. Fundamentally, EVs represent the biggest revolution in transport yet, impacting not just vehicle OEMs but the power sector, cities, local authorities, businesses with parking spaces and housing developments and an effective roll out of charging infrastructure across the UK will be crucial to the industry over coming years. The EV Infrastructure summit will showcase the opportunities within the European market through an interactive programme packed with innovative case studies and senior practitioners able to make decisions at the highest level.

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