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EV to unveil FastStart charging network

The FastStart can be installed within days

EVgo, the US’s largest public electric vehicle fast charging network, will be unveiling EVgo FastStart, a mobile and modular fast charging station configuration that can be deployed in a matter of days or weeks, at the Solar Power International and Energy Storage International conference in Anaheim, California, beginning September 24.

Engineered to meet accelerating demand for EV chargers, the patent-pending EVgo FastStart station offers fast and easy deployment for partners with immediate charging needs, short-term site leases, or fleet customers requiring electric charging in temporary depots.

The pre-fabricated EVgo FastStart can be deployed on a modular basis with multiple modules per site in just days or weeks, limited only by the power available. EVgo FastStart stations come in DCFC, Level 2, or combination configurations.

“EVgo’s eight-year operating history and long-term partner relationships provide us with a first mover and first learner perspective on the changing EV charging market,” said EVgo CEO Cathy Zoi. “Many of EVgo’s partners have immediate needs for fast charging or depot charging. As we rapidly accelerate our public and dedicated EVgo fast charging stations this year, we have added EVgo FastStart to our toolkit, offering even faster mobile and modular EVgo charging station deployment.”

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