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EVgo creates LA-to-Vegas charging hub

EVgo has added four new fast chargers to its Baker, California station

EVgo has added four new EV fast chargers to the company’s Baker, CA station, enabling all-electric road trips between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The launch of these new chargers makes six total EVgo fast chargers under a solar-powered canopy at the World’s Tallest Thermometer, just off of I-15 — two 50-kW fast chargers, new super-fast 150-kW and 175-kW chargers, and an ultra-fast 350-kW charger, all backed up with second-life batteries for energy storage.

By offering all EV drivers both CCS and CHAdeMO options on all its chargers – fast, super-fast, and ultra-fast – EVgo’s Baker fast charging hub enables all fast charge-capable EV drivers to make the 270-mile trip between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The expansion of EVgo’s Baker site makes it a technology showcase offering the widest variety of charging speed options available at a single public EV charging location in the US.

“EVgo is delivering EV drivers the broadest access to fast charging technology,” said EVgo CEO Cathy Zoi. “By increasing the number of chargers and offering a variety of charging speeds for both CCS and CHAdeMO standards, we are giving EV drivers the chance at their fastest possible charge between Las Vegas and Los Angeles — including Tesla drivers who use a CHAdeMO adapter.”

The newly expanded Baker fast charging hub builds on the two 50-kW fast chargers EVgo previously deployed in order to enable EV drivers to travel the critical Las Vegas to Los Angeles route.

Even though no EV available today at commercial volumes is able to charge at 350 kW, EVgo has grown both the number and throughput of fast chargers at Baker in order to test a variety of charging speeds and future-proof customers’ fast charging experiences on this corridor.

Since the vehicles themselves guide how fast a particular car can charge, in most cases, today’s EV drivers will find that their EVs will charge at around 50 kW even on the new 150-kW, 175-kW, or 350-kW chargers.

The wide array of charging speeds, solar canopy, and BMW Second Life Battery storage system at the Baker Station was developed in partnership with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) as a technology demonstration fast charging hub.

Supported by a 20-kW solar system and a 60-kW/88-kWh energy storage system, the station is effectively testing the use of different levels of power and storage at the same site.

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