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Fortum Charge & Drive to build Nordic EV links

Source: Fortum

Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki to be connected by new fast-charging infrastructure

Fortum Charge & Drive is to build the first High-Power Charging (HPC) corridor between Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki. The route would provide charging possibilities for upcoming long-range capable EV models, and those with higher charging rates. In practice, it means that electric models expected to be on the market by early 2018 will be able to drive from Helsinki to Oslo in the same time as with a conventional car.

The high-power charging stations will be able to generate 150-350 kW power and will be equipped to serve all main car models. This is the first step in establishing a Nordic network that will enable drivers to take full advantage of the new generation of EVs.

The first four HPC stations will be built during 2017.

Charge & Drive has extensive experience in installing and operating charging networks, as a market leader in Norway. The country is so far the only mass market for EVs with more than 100,000 electric vehicles on the road, clearly the biggest number per capita in the world. In order to secure timely and high-quality installations, Charge & Drive has recruited resources with extensive hands-on experience in building the Tesla Super Charger network in Norway.

The company’s Nordic network consists of 1,200 chargers, 450 of them quick chargers (50 kW). Customers are able to use the existing network of Charge & Drive and its partners, from car parks to long-distance travel.

“It’s time to take the Charge & Drive network to the next level so that the full potential of EVs can be made available for our customers. Charge & Drive started in 2010 as a project to connect the Nordic capitals through quick charging, and now we want to make that happen again with high-power charging. We were early in the game and have learned a lot, and we’ve also managed to build a leading service highly appreciated by our customers,” commented Markus Hökfelt, Vice President, Fortum Charge & Drive.

Source: Fortum


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