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FUSO to develop heavy duty e-truck concept

E-FUSO Vision One

Daimler Trucks’ MFTBC unit to develop E-FUSO Vision One, a 300kWh heavy duty e-truck, for arrival around 2022

Daimler Trucks’ subsidiary Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corp. (MFTBC), has been pushing a flurry of electrical news recently.

A few months ago MFTCB confirmed the start of production on its e-Canter light duty truck in Europe and launched the truck in the US, following up with news that UPS would be the first commercial partner to trial the model.

The brand is now eyeing even heavier duty applications. At the Tokyo Motor Show, MFTBC announced it would electrify its complete range of trucks and buses over the next few years, and offered the first look at E-FUSO’s all-electric heavy-duty truck concept.

The E-FUSO Vision One offers a range of up to 350km on a charge and marks “the top end of the electrification path of the company’s portfolio” for the coming years.

With a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of about 23 tonnes and a payload capacity of around 11 tonnes, the model does carry two tonnes less than a diesel counterpart. However, Daimler says it can be outfitted with up to 300 kWh of batteries, offering 350 km range.

FUSO sees this as a heavy-duty truck suitable for “regional intra-city distribution” – taking on shorter hauls that may need to venture into pollution-conscious urban centres.

Although it concedes that some technology needs improvement, it estimates possible market entry for the series version of the E-FUSO Vision One could be feasible “within four years” in markets such as Japan and Europe.

MFTBC president and CEO Marc Llistosella stated: “Our E-FUSO Vision One is an outlook on a feasible all-electric heavy-duty truck. It underlines our commitment to electrify our complete product range.”

E-FUSO Vision One and FUSO eCanter
E-FUSO Vision One and FUSO eCanter

He added: “With the eCanter, we have proven electric trucks are feasible for commercialization. Today, our eCanter saves up to 1,000 euros in running costs per 10.000 km. And with the rapidly evolving battery technology, we will continue to develop electric trucks and buses that will have a positive environmental and economic impact on society.”

Although it’s some way from reality, the Vision One is a sure sign that manufacturers no longer consider trucking to be immune from the sweep of electrification. As even more manufacturers pile on, 2018 is sure to see heavy duty electrification keep on truckin’.


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