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Future-proof ferries set to cast off for Fjord1 in 2018

Multi-Maritime design for Fjord1

Norwegian Electric Systems plans to install its Odin’s Eye DC solution in three new ferries that are being produced for the country’s largest ferry company, Fjord1.

The signing of a new contract with Havyard Ship Technology has heralded the delivery of hybrid electric systems in ferries to be designed by Multi Maritime.

The boats will be under all-electric operation, powered by lithium-ion batteries in compliance with the Norwegian Road Authorities regulations, and include fast charging capabilities. Additional diesel engines mean it can operate as a hybrid and plug-in hybrid. Finally, the ferries have been designed with energy efficient hulls, equipment and systems.

Norwegian Electric Systems’ main DC system includes its Odin’s Eye solution. The system allows for the use of variable speed generator sets which the company says are easy to use, save fuel, and cut emissions. The system of autonomous equipment sets bound by open bus ties allows for future upgrades of the vessels.  These include larger battery capacity and higher charging power from shore.

The first ferry is scheduled to be delivered by 2018. Each ferry will be able to hold up to 50 cars and 199 people and are expected to be RORO (roll on/roll off) types. Two ferries will be assigned to the Brekstad to Valsted route and the third to Sandvikvåg to Husavik passage, distances of 5.6 and 6.5 km respectively.


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