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Geely Auto’s first people-carrier explores multiple powertrain options

Geely’s hybrid comes with a 56-km pure electric range

Chinese car manufacturer Geely Auto launched its first MPV model Jia Ji with three powertrain options on March 13.

The Hangzhou-based firm’s latest release, which targets young families, offers three powertrain options, including the newest PHEV, allowing for a pure electric driving range of 56 km.

Equipped with Geely’s Auto’s 1.5TD engine specially developed for hybrid models, it offers a maximum power of 190 kW.

Its 1.5TD MHEV, the second powertrain option, uses 5.9 litres per 100 km in combined city and highway fuel consumption, and comes equipped with the firm’s independently developed 48V BSG mild-hybrid system.

In pure gasoline form, there are two options: a 1.8TD traditional fuel engine with automatic transmission or a 1.5TD traditional fuel engine with manual transmission.

Its 7DCTH dual-clutch transmission system developed in Geely Auto’s China Euro Vehicle Technology Centre (CEVT) broke industry records with its 97% transmission efficiency rate.

Increasing the flexibility of the vehicle, which is also China’s first hybrid MPV available on the market, there are options for seven and six seat arrangements.

All models are equipped with the manufacturer’s unique “360-degree security identification zone” technologies, an advancement with a four level “Pedestrian Protection System” which includes a detection, warning, avoidance, and reactive injury reduction system, allowing the driver to not only quickly detect danger, but avoid it simultaneously.

Geely’s ICC Intelligent Cruise Control allows the Jia Ji to travel desired speed in the city or on the highway whilst the LKA Lane Keep Assistant enables vehicles to follow other vehicles at speeds up to 150 kmph, and is able to change lanes automatically.

Other controlling and identifying techniques include RCW rear collision warning, RCTA rear cross traffic alert, AEB automatic emergency braking with pedestrian identification, FCW front collision warning, LCA lane change assistant, BSD blind spot detection and SLIF speed limit identification.

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