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Getting Lit: Reported interest in self-balancing e-bike

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Electric bike designer Lit Motors possibly in talks with Apple, BMW, Audi and others over acquisition

It seems that things are looking up for Lit Motors, a company behind innovative, self-balancing electric motorbikes.

Until now, the company had been struggling to raise the money to send its C-1 bike – or as Lit refers to it, an “auto-balancing electric vehicle (AEV)” – into production.

Apart from eliminating the need to balance manually, the C-1 bike is kitted out with a 10 kWh battery, allowing for a range of 200 miles. It has a top speed of 100 mph and will carry you from 0-60mph in six seconds. Unlike a traditional motorcycle, Lit’s bike is also fully enclosed, allowing for comfortable, element-free, safer driving.

The company would need about US$20 million to bring the vehicle to market and to satisfy the over 1,000 people who have reserved one, according to CEO Daniel Kim.

Lit is currently testing its fourth prototype, but the bikes should finally be on the road soon according to new information.

It seems that Lit Motors is in acquisition talks with Apple, BMW, Audi, and a South Korean automaker. This news has come from the New York Times first of all, and has been backed up by Bloomberg, which cited “unknown sources.”

If this news is true, it will mean that the project will get more financing and these bikes will be out on the road. If not, there is always the Chinese rip off of the bike, designed by… wait for it… Lingyan Intelligent Technology – aka LIT.

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