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Heathrow to ferry passengers in Jaguar I-PACE vehicles

A Jaguar I-Pace charging at Heathrow

The UK’s biggest airport is to deploy a fleet of Jaguar I-PACE EVs

The UK’s biggest airport will offer fully-electric Jaguar I-PACE cars to chauffeur its passengers, starting this summer.

Heathrow Airport has teamed up with Jaguar and travel services company WeKnowGroup to offer 200 I-PACEs to ferry people to and from the airport. This will create what the partners say is the largest chauffeur-driven fleet of electric vehicles in the UK.

Only 50 of the Jaguars will be available from summer 2018, with Heathrow holding the option to add the additional 150 cars over the next 12 months.

WeKnowGroup will install a dedicated charging hub in Heathrow, the largest in the UK, to support the new service

Heathrow is already a major adopter of EV technology, with one of the UK’s largest corporate EV fleets and the highest density of charging infrastructure in Europe.

The airport is to make a GBP5 million (US$6.8 million) investment to increase the number of EV charging points, as well as trialling electric buses and creating an ultra-low emission zone airside.

Heathrow has also signed up to EV100 a global initiative bringing together forward-looking companies committed to accelerating the transition to electric vehicles.

The fleet of Jaguars will support up to 1,000 EV journeys to and from Heathrow each day, which will help save over 8 tonnes of nitrogen oxides emissions each year.

The I-PACE’s 90kWh pack offers a range of 298 miles (about 480 km), conceivably putting Bristol and Birmingham in range of the new service. Heathrow has not stated what the range of the service will be, but it is likely to be offered to passengers travelling to and from London.

Heathrow claimed that 32% of London-based passengers would be fairly likely (22%) or very likely (9%) to take an electric taxi to the airport if these were made more available.


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