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Heliox creates Central and Eastern Europe’s first fast charging network

Heliox its OC 450 kW chargers for an electricity bus network in the Czech Republic

Heliox has provided a fast charging network for the first electric bus network in Ostrava, the Czech Republic. This project is remarkable as it is the first fully electric bus fleet in the Czech Republic and the Central and Eastern Europe.

As the Czech Republic is making first steps in electrifying its public transportation, Heliox has supplied its powerful Heliox OC 450 kW charging system.

Ostrava is taking first steps to reduce harmful emissions in Czech Republic by switching to all-electric buses with an end goal to gradually put diesel-powered buses out of operation.

As introducing electric buses to the existing infrastructure entails building a reliable network of charging stations, Heliox has been chosen by Ekova Electric as the fast charging partner.

Heliox is the frontrunner of driving charging solutions at the cutting edge of sustainable mobility and has delivered one of the most powerful chargers in the industry to this project – the Heliox OC 450 kW charging system.

Heliox OC 450 kW charger follows the principals of opportunity charging that creates a robust and a flexible charging system utilising a pantograph – a flexible hinged assembly that enables a swift charge.

This type of fast charging ensures maximum availability as the charging takes place in just a couple of minutes. The provided automated coupler device (ACD) system is an inverted pantograph solution where an infrared signal initiates the charge session.

As this is the first deployment of electric buses in Ostrava, additional charging cabinets and charge masts can be added in the future.

This type of flexibility creates a future-proof solution that is fully-scalable and expandable. The new charging infrastructure in Czech Republic is a great example of how Heliox’s commitment towards developing open technology already support large-scale projects without any complications.

Ekova Electric vice chairman of the board Jiri Martinik said: “For Ekova Electric this is the delivery of the first two electric buses with the possibility of ultra-fast charging pilot project. We are proud that our first customer is our parent company in our home city of Ostrava, and that is it the first installation of this kind of technology in the Czech Republic.

“An integral part of this project was the delivery of the Heliox charging station. For Ekova Electric, it’s the first collaboration with Heliox ever. As you can see, this is the first e-mobility project of this type of fast charging and I can say that we have chosen correctly. At Ekova Electric we are fulfilling our strategy: to develop intelligent solutions for public transport, and I expect that other projects of this type will follow.”

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