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HOURCAR and Xcel join forces for new carsharing venture


HOURCAR will transition to a 100% zero-emission electric fleet by the end of 2020

HOURCAR has signed a new partnership with utility Xcel Energy, which will see the two launch a new car-sharing service line in the Twin Cities – St. Paul and Minneapolis.

This new service is envisioned as all-electric, hub-based and one-way. It will allow drivers to end their reservation at any available hub instead of returning to the hub with which the reservation was originally made. HOURCAR says it will aim to introduce some of its first zero-emissions vehicles (ZEVs) by mid-2020.

“This transition aligns with our commitment to deliver affordable, accessible, and sustainable shared mobility choices.” said HOURCAR CEO Paul Schroeder. “The Twin Cities is our home, and we want to help keep it clean and livable by doing our part to reduce emissions and congestion.”

Schroeder also pointed out the company’s focus  to access of relevant infrastructure. “We are especially interested in maximizing the impact of these changes in low-income communities, which are disproportionately affected by NOx emissions and airborne particulates. Children who grow up in these neighborhoods have higher rates of asthma and other breathing disorders,” Schroeder said. “We aim to create access to electric vehicle carsharing in these areas, lowering emissions while also increasing access to flexible and affordable transportation choices, a double win for these communities.”



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