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Hybrid E.V.E.R. truck fitted with Allison transmission

EMOSS E.V.E.R. Truck

EMOSS Mobile Systems has developed a hybrid electric semi-truck with a range of more than 300 miles

As trucking moves ever-more electric, a Netherlands automaker has developed an interesting hybrid model. The EMOSS Electric Vehicle with Extender Range (E.V.E.R.) semi-truck uses a 120 kWh battery pack alongside a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or compressed natural gas (CNG) generator as a range extender to recharge the battery when necessary.

Equipped with a 4500 fully automatic transmission from US manufacturer Allison, and either a 200 or 250kW motor, the E.V.E.R. model is rated for a gross combination weight of up to 50 tonnes.

It is capable of charging at rates of either 22 or 44 kW.

Martijn Noordam, chief technology officer at EMOSS says: “Customers who have driven the Allison-equipped EMOSS trucks are 100% with them. They never thought a start-stop duty-cycle on a 30 percent grade was realistic, yet the truck has executed perfectly.”

Calibrated to use six forward gears when fully-laden, the Allison transmission is critical for hauling heavier payloads and navigating challenging topographies, in countries such as Switzerland and Austria, where mountains and steep slopes are frequent.

“Allison remains committed to the evolution and optimisation of the drive train and all forms of commercial vehicle propulsion,” said the company’s SVP of product engineering Randy Kirk. “The Allison automatic provides a proven, immediate and well-integrated solution that enables electrification across a broad range of commercial applications.”

The transmission provides torque multiplication to reduce demand on the electric motor and the battery pack. It also enables the electric motor to operate within the optimal efficiency range for a larger portion of the drive cycle, reducing energy consumption, extending the vehicle’s range and facilitating the use of less-expensive, lighter and smaller components.

EMOSS plans to commence testing the truck with pilot customers later this year.

In addition to the E.V.E.R. truck, EMOSS is currently developing Allison transmission-equipped electric trucks for use in construction, delivery and refuse applications. These applications include dump trucks, medium-duty straight trucks, refuse collection vehicles and additional semi-truck configurations, in addition to its range of e-buses and driveline systems.

Source: Allison Transmission


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