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Hyperloop One shows off Eurotrips

Hyperloop One test track, Nevada.

Open competition proposes routes across Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and more

Hyperloop One, the more developed of the two companies attempting to commercialise the vacuum-tube transportation technology made famous by Elon Musk, has unveiled a number of proposed European routes.

At an event in Amsterdam the company laid out its “Vision for Europe,” a blueprint that included 11 potential transport routes. Designed by independent teams through the company’s Global Challenge competition, the company is keen to show the promise that 1,200-kph travel could bring to the continent – going so far as to include a blog on its website entitled: Hyperloop Could Be Europe’s New Unifying Force.”

The proposed routes include:

  • Corsica – Sardinia
  • Estonia – Finland
  • A loop of Germany
  • A route through Poland
  • A loop of the Netherlands
  • Spain – Morocco
  • A UK North – South connector from London to Edinburgh
  • A UK “Northern Arc” covering Liverpool, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle and Edinburgh
  • A larger UK arc from Scotland to Wales, via London

We’ve included some below.

GermanyUK 3Spain


What is interesting to note is the high level of interest in UK routes. With an ongoing battle in the UK over the proposed HS2 high-speed rail route, and a relatively under-developed high-speed rail network in comparison with the rest of Europe, H1 may even be looking to position itself as a potential alternative to rail travel.

That said, all of these proposed routes are still a million miles from reality. While the prospect of travelling up to 750 miles in an hour may be appealing in theory, its technology is far from shovel-ready. H1 currently has a 500m test track in Nevada, and one project in development in Dubai – not to mention the additional expertise that would be required for the submarine tunnels needed for island-hopping.

If plans do proceed, the first ever project will be a cargo transport system at Dubai’s Port Jebel Ali. This should test out much of the technology. According to H1 “part of the network would be under water, while part of it would be suspended above the ground. The system involves levitating pods being shot through tubes at as fast as 750 miles (1200 km) per hour.”

Nevertheless, if you’re keen to push for a Euro-Hyperloop near you, you can vote in the company’s Facebook poll for which route you’d most like to see realised.


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