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Hyundai names new fuel cell EV: NEXO

NEXO FCEV. Source: Hyundai.

The NEXO will be one of the company’s flagship next-gen vehicles as it expands its battery and hydrogen-powered portfolio

During a press conference at CES this week, Hyundai announced the name of its latest FCEV concept.

Now formally dubbed the NEXO, the hydrogen-battery hybrid will manage 370 miles on a tank of hydrogen, and offers a max output of 135kW. First previewed at an event in Seoul last year, the vehicle will also feature “Advanced Driver Assistance Systems” (ADAS) that expand the potential for autonomous .

In its announcement Hyundai was keen to impress improvements on its previous FCEV offering, the Tucson. Thanks to a dedicated architecture and improvements to the fuel cell stack, the overall package is lighter, faster and offers longer range.

Hyundai describes the FCEV as the technological flagship of its eco-vehicle portfolio and as it works to develop the most diverse powertrain lineup for crossover vehicles.

Nifty gadgets include a blind-spot view monitor (BVM), which shows drivers the rear and side views of NEXO the car while changing lanes in either direction. Cameras relay the feed to the car’s central cluster screen. The system uses wide angle surround view monitors (SVM) on each side of the vehicle to monitor areas that cannot be seen by a traditional rearview mirror.

Lane Following Assist (LFA) is another new addition, automatically adjusting steering to keep NEXO centreed in its (a la Tesla’s Autopilot), and Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA) means the car can autonomously park or retrieve itself from a parking space with or without a driver in the car (which again sounds strangely familiar…).

As it works to build consumer confidence, Hyundai also emphasised the NEXO’s ability to start in cold weather (presumably a snub to cold-averse battery models) adding that testing has proven the vehicle is capable of starting even with overnight temperatures of -20°Fahrenheit, and will cold start within 30 seconds.

Another battery-busting feature is that, being an FCEV, you can refill the NEXO’s tank in just 5 minutes.

The NEXO model will form the vanguard of Hyundai’s plans to bring 18 “eco-friendly models” to market by 2025, eight of which will be crossovers out before 2020.

Sales of the NEXO are scheduled to begin in some markets late this year, with right-hand drive models available in 2019, according to Auto Express.


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