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Jaguar I-PACE rolls into California

Jaguar I-PACE on the road in California

Jaguar’s first all-electric vehicle, the I-PACE, has already completed 1.5 million miles of testing via a 200-strong fleet of prototypes, ahead of its release in 2018

Jaguar’s long-awaited touring EV, the I-PACE, has returned to the LA Motor Show this week, following the unveiling of a production concept at the event last year.

Keeping to its promise of showing a final production model by late 2017, Jaguar also provided a look at some of the validation testing and real-world driving it has been doing in the meantime, alongside a closer look at the upcoming ICE-powered E-PACE SUV.

Having completed 1.5 million global test miles, Jaguar is keen to press that the I-PACE is now ready for production and crucially that it is “proven to deliver long distances on a single charge.” Evidently concerned with the public’s perceived range anxiety and frustration at charge times, the company notes that its 200+ prototypes have completed 200-mile journeys on a single charge and that the company is targeting “a zero to 80% charge being achievable in a short break,” according to vehicle line director Ian Hoban.

Exactly how short that break will be remains to be seen, but last year’s indication was 90 minutes, using 50kW DC charging. However, the availability of faster charging through higher output stations may reduce that by the time the model is released in 2018.

According to statements in 2016, the I-PACE will be capable of accelerating from 0-60 mph in around 4 seconds, and will be powered a 90kWh battery (offering a range of over 500km based on NEDC cycle).

However, Jaguar remains tighter lipped now and says that full specifications and pricing will be announced in March 2018 when its order books officially open.

You can see more of the EV in the video below:


Whatever the I-PACE’s final specifications, it looks set to be a very promising vehicle indeed, not least because Jaguar itself has the engineering and reputational kudos to bring electrification to an audience that may not be as aware or supportive of its capabilities.

If the 90kWh battery also proves to make it to the production model, it will also be one of the only automakers competing with Tesla at that range and capacity.

Moreover, reports suggest it may even be reasonably priced – a major boon to drivers not flush with Silicon Valley cash.


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