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Jaguar reveals I-TYPE 2 Formula E car

Panasonic Jaguar Racing's I-TYPE 2

Formula E champion Nelson Piquet joins Panasonic Jaguar Racing team for 2017/18

Panasonic Jaguar Racing presented its latest Formula E racer this week, as well as the driver who’ll be going behind the wheel.

FIA Formula E Champion Nelson Piquet Jr was officially welcomed to the Jaguar Racing team during an event at the company’s design HQ. Piquet will join Mitch Evans and Ho-Pin Tung for the teams second-ever season in the electrified sport.

Piquet also stood by the machine he’ll be racing in. The I-TYPE 2 offers up to 200kW of output – although limited to around 170kW during races – and a maximum speed of 140 mph (225kph). As with other Formula series, it must also obey weight and size rules, in this case a maximum length of 5m and minimum weight of 880kg, including the driver. Batteries must also weigh a minimum of 320kg, in this case dubbed the Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS).

Given the massive torque and speed of these machines, there are also surprising advantages to be gained from technologies like regenerative braking. According to Jaguar up to 150kW of power can be recovered under braking, which done well, can seriously aid range extension.

The reveal of I-TYPE 2 comes just a week after Jaguar announced a partnership with engineering group GKN, which will advise on technology and on the development of the powertrain.

Panasonic Jaguar Racing's I-TYPE 2
Panasonic Jaguar Racing’s I-TYPE 2


Speaking at this week’s announcement, Panasonic Jaguar Racing race director Craig Wilson said: “We knew that there would be much to learn during our first season of racing. The information and data we gathered has been extremely beneficial in the development of the Jaguar I-TYPE 2 where we have been able to improve its weight, balance and efficiency. We have made a few personnel changes, one of those is the appointment of Phil Charles as Racing Technical Manager. We are all looking forward to the upcoming test in Valencia where we can see the first indications of our advancements compared to the other teams, and racing the Jaguar I-TYPE 2 for the first time in Hong Kong in December.”


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