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Karsan launches Jest electric bus

Karsan partnered with BMW to deliver a bus with a 210-km range

Karsan has launched its all new fully electrical Jest bus. For the first time, the benefits of Jest Electric, which can reach a range of up to 210 km with batteries from BMW, could be experienced by the participants at the BMW and MINI Driving Academy site in Maisach, Germany.

Besides the Jest Electric, the new Karsan Atak Electric was also presented with i3 and i8 models of BMW, at the “Positive Energy Experience”.

Karsan, offering convenient transport solutions for the mobility needs of the time at its factory located in Turkey, came together with customers, distributors and press members from Europe and Turkey at the “Positive Energy Experience” event in Maisach, Germany, which was organised in cooperation with BMW.

Karsan exhibited new 44- and 88-kWh battery pack versions of Jest Electric at the event. The benefits of the Karsan Jest Electric, which can reach a range of up to 210 km with the new BMW i batteries, could be experienced for the first time by the participants at the BMW and MINI Driving Academy site in Maisach, Germany.

Pointing out that Karsan Jest Electric has become a unique and competitive electrical public transport vehicle globally with BMW i technology, which is in the heart of Karsan Jest Electric, Karsan CEO Okan Bas said that they will start mass production as of November.

Bas stated: “Electric motor vehicle technologies are very important for us and we continue to develop our co-operations in this field. In this context, we produce public transport solutions that can be used all over the world by incorporating the power of the electric drive train from BMW, which is one of the leading automotive brands of the world. Our goal is to be the most valuable company in our country in its class and the preferred supplier in global markets.”

Bas indicated that they received the first orders in a short time for Jest Electric, which will start mass production in November. “We will be delivering Jest Electric pre orders from Romania, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia and France soon.

“European countries show great interest for Jest Electric, which is different from its competitors with its original size and technology. In addition we had the opportunity to exhibit our 8.1-metre long Atak Electric prototype, which is developed by our R&D team with support from the BMW Group, at IAA commercial vehicle fair in Hannover and our Positive Energy Experience event. We plan to start mass production of Atak Electric next year, which can be charged in just 2.5 hours and offers a range up to 300 km,” he added.

The electric motor produced by BMW, which operates in Jest Electric, cooperates with a single-speed transmission and produces a power of 125 kW and 290 Nm of torque.

Jest Electric, which can be equipped with 33-, 44-, 66- and 88-kWh batteries developed by BMW offers ranges of up to 210 km and it can be charged in six hours with traditional AC chargers and in just 0.7 hours with fast charging stations.

In addition, the batteries can charge themselves up to 25%, thanks to the regenerative braking system that provides energy recovery. Karsan Jest Electric, which stands out with its high maneuverability, spacious interior, dynamic design and outstanding traction performance brightens up the future with the silent travel it offers.

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