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London ranked as the best city of EV charging

European cities hold nine of the top 10 places

Online home rental company Spotahome has surveyed 89 cities on the quality of their electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

The survey placed London at the top of the list, with the Netherlands’ Amsterdam and Rotterdam coming in second and third, whilst Berlin and Hamburg in Germany were fourth and fifth.

Outside Europe, New York was North America’s highest rated city at seventh, with Canada’s Montreal in 12th and Los Angeles at 14th.

In Asia, Thai capital Bangkok was 32nd, Tokyo was 34th and Hong Kong was 41st. Auckland in New Zealand was 46th and Perth was Australia’s highest ranked city at 50th.

Spotahome has standardised the latest data available for EV charging points to rank each city out of 10. London has been awarded the highest index score of 10.

As of July 2018, the UK had 162,000 plug-in cars, with London councils set to deliver another 2,630 charging points in the next financial year.

London is working hard to deliver a modern and environmentally sustainable capital city for the future, but other UK cities are not faring quite so well. This is potentially due to a GBP400-million government plan to install charging points being significantly delayed.

Without this boost of investment, Manchester is currently ranked in 18th place (1.76), Edinburgh in 31st (1.1) and Leeds in 35th place (0.88).

Surprisingly, Oslo ranks just sixth despite Norway having more EV sales per capita than any other country in the world.

It’s also important to note that from eighth place in the rankings, the index scores drop to below five. Barcelona, the last city in the top ten scores just 3.33.

At the bottom of the rankings, major cities such as Cape Town, Cairo, Sao Paulo and Seoul score an unimpressive 0. This is due to lack of charging points down to zero or low funding for EV initiatives.

Brand and communications manager at Spotahome Melissa Lyras said: “While it’s heartening to see strides being taken in major world cities to cater for the growing electric vehicle market, it’s evident there’s still a lot of work to do.

“If more cities invest in EV infrastructure they will help to facilitate growth in the market, improve air quality and the ultimately, the health and wellbeing of the people living there. London is a great example of a city succeeding in those goals, alongside other European countries who dominate the top 10.”

Regionally, Europe has a massive lead on North America, which in turn has an even bigger lead on Asia and Australasia.

Perhaps most shockingly, China only has two cities on the list, with Shanghai lagging slightly behind Hong Kong at 49th. With China set to drive EV demand with a number of ambitious targets, this suggests that it will have to invest more in creating EV charging points, or incentivise home charging.

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