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London Taxi rebrands, goes Dutch

Company now known as LEVC secures 225-model order with Rotterdam’s RMC

The Geely-owned UK taxi manufacturer London Taxi Company has officially rebranded, while securing valuable new export contracts.

In a move to prove its commitment to the future, and perhaps to emphasise the GBP325 million investment by owner Geely, LTC will now be known as the London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC). In addition to a new logo, the company used its July 11 event to unveil its newest electrified taxi.

While this is certainly a step forward, ElecTrans should point out that LEVC’s latest flagship model, the TX, is in fact a plug-in hybrid. 70 miles of battery-only journeying is complimented by a petrol “range extender” – read: engine – which ramps up the travelling distance to around 400 miles; probably reassuring for passengers, but not quite the electric revolution that LEVC’s name promises (at least not for now).

Nevertheless, the model has evidently proved popular. Following the announcement of its rebrand, LEVC also confirmed an order for 225 TX models to be delivered to the Netherlands in early 2018. The company’s first major export deal is with Rotterdam-based RMC (Rotterdam Mobility Centre) and its affiliates, and will see some of the taxis directly owned by RMC and a smaller number leased or sold to subsidiaries.

Cross-section of the TX. Source: LEVC
Cross-section of the TX. Source: LEVC

For other interested buyers, including those in the company’s spiritual home of London, LEVC will begin taking orders on August 1, 2017.


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