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MAHLE installs chargeBIG system at Stuttgart Airport

chargeBIG is a centralised, scalable charging infrastructure concept

MAHLE, partnering with eliso, has announced the installation of its chargeBIG charging system and 110 charging points at Stuttgart Airport. chargeBIG, a MAHLE’s corporate start-up, is a centralised, scalable charging infrastructure concept for short-term parking lot users and fleet operators.

The external area and parking facilities at Stuttgart Airport are already developed, while the charging points are currently being fitted to wall and column mountings on the apron.

The chargeBIG concept offers single-phase AC charging with outputs between 2.3 and 7.2 kilowatts. The system has a central control unit with permanently mounted cables and connector plugs instead of charging columns in the parking lot. The intelligent charging system is a low-cost solution as there is no need to invest in expanding the network connection.

The central control unit distributes the available charging capacity across the parked vehicles using dynamic, phase-specific load management. This prevents unbalanced loads in the power supply.

“The bottlenecks in the charging process are caused by spikes in power delivery rather than the energy that is actually available. We use intelligent load distribution to take advantage of this situation,” said Sebastian Ewert, head of project management Europe at MAHLE and a member of the chargeBIG team.

chargeBIG responds flexibly to other consumers on the network and uses the electric vehicles as a controllable load. This ensures optimal utilisation of the available power supply. The chargeBIG solution is easy to install and maintain and the charging points are de-energised when not in use.

The concept is ideally suited to an application with around 20 to 100 electrified parking spaces and is infinitely scalable.

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