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MAN Diesel and ABB to develop energy-storage system

The new energy-storage system will use renewable energy to generate heat and cold

German machine maker MAN Diesel & Turbo has signed a co-operation agreement with Swedish technology company ABB to develop a three-way energy-storage system.

The new Electro-Thermal Energy Storage system (ETES) stores large-scale electricity, heat and cold for distribution to consumers.

ETES uses surplus renewable electricity to generate heat and cold for storage in insulated reservoirs during a so-called ‘charging cycle’.

The heat and cold can be converted back into electrical energy on demand. Moreover, it is possible to distribute the stored cold and heat to different types of consumers.

The system is location-independent and designed to suit various boundary conditions.

Battery and energy storage technology is important to the electric vehicle industry. Most obviously, creating more efficient and higher capacity batteries will help increase the range and reliability of EVs while also bringing down their cost.

Although it is highly unlikely that MAN Diesel and ABB’s energy storage system could be scaled down to fit into a vehicle, it could still have a major impact on the EV industry.

As EV adoption becomes more widespread, local electricity grids will find themselves under increased pressure, especially at times of peak demand. A more efficient grid, able to store excess energy at times of low demand and unload it when it is needed, will be essential to supporting major national fleets of EVs.

CEO of MAN Diesel & Turbo Dr. Uwe Lauber said: “The biggest challenge in building stable, climate-neutral energy systems is the intermittency of renewable energy in power generation and supply. To match an increasing consumer demand for energy with a fluctuating supply, the world needs reliable energy-storage systems.”

Lauber added: “At MAN Diesel & Turbo we have made it our mission to drive the transition towards a carbon-neutral world. Together with our partner, ABB, we now offer a complete solution for the storage, use and distribution of electrical and thermal energy that is groundbreaking.”

Managing director of MAN Diesel & Turbo Schweiz AG Dr. Hans Gut said: “ETES is the only storage system able to store electricity, heat and cold at the same time and also distribute them to consumers, which makes it unique.”

He continued: “Due to the high overall efficiency, the modular character of the system and its low impact on the environment, ETES is a sustainable energy-storage solution that is suitable for a wide range of applications worldwide.”

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