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MAN introduces all-electric eTGE van


Production for the MAN eTGE, with a range of up to 160km, is set for July

Germany’s MAN Truck & Bus has announced plans to introduce a new all-electric van to the market, with plans to take the model into mass production this summer.

With the growing consumer demand for the transport of goods and deliveries in urban areas, alongside the concern for cutting emissions and improving sustainability, MAN has been focusing on the development of ideas which fulfil both requirements.

The battery-powered EV van has a range of up to 160km, dependent upon payload, which MAN argues is well beyond what the majority of these commercial vehicles will need for a daily round. It bases this on findings showing that 70% of light commercial vehicles used in urbanised areas actually travel less than 100km per day.

The eTGE model will be primarily aimed at fleet customers with a service concept and, MAN states, provides a “step forwards in the direction of zero-emission metropolitan areas.”

The supplier also argued for the benefits of the modular battery packs used in the Man ETGE. The flexibility of being able to remove and replace modules allows for a longevity in the 36 kWh battery’s lifespan, which with proper maintenance should only lose around 15% of its capacity after 10 years or 2,000 charging cycles.

The Man eTGE can be fully charged in 9 hours using a 220v AC charger, perfect for overnight charging, but the EV can be restored to full operational capacity within 5 and a half hours using a higher-powered AC wallbox.

The model will sell for around €69,500 and will be available in the metropolitan areas of Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Norway and the Netherlands. Such a high pricetag could be a limiting factor, given that the conventional TGE starts at around €27,500. However, with more stringent emissions limitations being placed on many urban areas and grant funding and rebates still available across Europe for those who switch,  its value may be in future-proofing a business and reducing fuel costs to justify the high capital costs.

That said, it does it seem to have diminished commercial interest, with MAN already reporting that several contracts have been signed.

MAN recognising the need for commercial EVs represents a wider shift, with businesses such as UPS and the Royal Mail being amongst those who are currently testing electric fleets for their services. As such, the eTGE is another option in the logistical toolbox amid growing demand from for urban-capable delivery EVs.


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