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McLaren batteries help Spark hype for next-gen Formula E

Source: Spark Racing Technology

Formula E, newcomer to racing championships, has brought together engineering firm, Spark Racing Technologies, and electric systems company, McLaren Applied Technologies, to announce the development of a next generation, supercar styled, racing EV, the SRT05e.

The concept’s renders were unveiled via a press release from Spark, amid promises for bigger and better battery developments over the next 3 years.

Spark Racing Technologies, owned by former Renault F1 team principal Frederic Vasseur, has been the car supplier for the Formula E championship since its first season. Remaining successful, the company has won the tender for Formula E chassis supply in a decision recently announced by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile).

Having been there from the beginning with the SRT01, has allowed Spark to make considerable progress in design. It is happy to admit that there are several issues still to overcome but seems confident that it will be able to a 100% increase in range capability. Currently, the race’s format operates under a two cars, one driver method, whereby a car is swapped out for another at a mid way point.

The goal with the SRT05e is to eliminate the second car completely and have no need for a recharge by 2018. Equally, weight and aerodynamic design need to become more efficient while keeping drivers safe so the company has a difficult job ahead.


Source: Spark Racing Technologies


Support from McLaren Applied Technologies is definitely going to help. The company has won the contract to supply any future batteries for the championship vehicles until at least 2020, set to take over from Williams Advanced Engineering. It plans to double the energy capacity of the cars – from 28 kWh to 56 kWh.

Rodi Basso, Motorsport Director of McLaren Applied Technologies, added “As well as providing a global showcase for our sustainable technologies, this…provides another example of McLaren Applied Technologies’ vision to work closely with series partners to do our bit to help make the fan experience quicker and slicker.”

What else is clear is that Formula E is one to watch in terms of brilliant new developments in light weight chassis design and high density batteries.


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