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Meralco’s potential partnership with ever-expansive Tesla

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Indication of development of Tesla Energy as company enters talks with Filipino energy provider Meralco

It has become clear that EV manufacturer Tesla has been having talks with Meralco about beginning a partnership. The companies are currently in the early stages of talks, according to Meralco SVP Alfredo S. Panlilio. “We’ve had very initial discussions. They just agreed to come over,” he said. When the key officials of Tesla arrive next month, Panlilio expects to “explore potential business partnerships”.

The Tesla Powerwall, a battery pack which has an energy storage capacity of 6.4 kWh, is sufficient to power most homes during the evening using electricity generated by solar panels during the day. It may be of great use in areas rattled by irregular power outages and in homes which are not part of the electric grid. In search of something which will ramp up production by the fourth quarter of 2016 for its energy storage sector, Tesla Energy is looking into creating demand in new markets.

The Philippines seems like a good place to start looking, as Meralco is already there, has a monopoly of the market, and has interest in other Tesla products.

Leader in the Philippines in supplication of solar energy, Meralco aspires to move on up the energy ladder. According to Panlilio, the company needs to be prepared for a future which could see the penetration of EVs into the Philippines and also needs to integrate into its business plans the batteries that could underpin solar power developments.

“We just have to be ahead of adoption, for example, if EV rollout finally comes on mass scale, Meralco should be ready – even with the charging stations. We’ve been espousing about it for two years already, but it depends on the government, also on what are the policies for EVs and how can you massively have more e-jeepneys [electric jeepneys (if you didn’t get that, basically electric buses)]…there are still a lot of things that must be done,” Panlilio said.

Although the partnership is at an early stage, it has good prospects. It will ensure Meralco can stay on top of its game whilst allowing Tesla to enter a new market. Although it is not a partnership on the scale of the impending Tesla-SolarCity amalgam, provision of reliable, environmentally friendly energy in the Philippines can only have a positive impact on peoples’ lives whilst ensuring both companies meet their objectives.

The question now is in how much Tesla plans to penetrate new markets – at the moment it seems there is no stopping the company’s disruptive, leading technology.

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