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Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo
Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo

Mercedes-Benz Shows Off New Concept Vehicle

Another story from the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show,  Mercedes-Benz have unveiled their Vision Tokyo concept car.  It is a plug-in hybrid with a back up hydrogen fuel cell.  The thematic focus of the vehicle is spaciousness.  The interior of the car is designed like a lounge with the one door opening into a small room with a couch winding round the other three sides.  As an autonomous car there is no need for the occupants to worry about driving though there will be a manual option available.  The interior will be filled with LED screens which will have a variety of functions to allow the user to feel connected to the rest of the world through technology.  The electric hybrid system has a total range of 980 kilometres, of which some 190 kilometres are courtesy of battery-powered driving and around 790 kilometres on the electricity produced in the fuel cell. Read the full press release below.

Attribution: Read More: Vision Tokyo Press Release

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