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Mercedes-Benz supplies hybrid Econic refuse truck

The new Mercedes-Benz Econic 1838 4x2 refuse collection vehicle being used in Lewisham.

The hybrid Econic model uses an electric, battery-powered tipper and  crusher

Embracing electrification in transport also means finding alternative solutions for other vehicle functions. in the case of one Mercedes-Benz Econic 1838 4×2 refuse truck used in London, that includes adding an electric tipper and crusher to the main truck body.

Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks sourced the rear loader tipper body from Dutch waste disposal specialist Geesinknorba. The system means the entire body is driven electrically, allowing for more efficient and quiet use as a “mobile waste compactor.” Once depleted on rounds, the battery pack is charged overnight in the depot (plug-in).

“The Econic combines high performance with first-class reliability and an outstanding total cost of ownership record that outperforms all competitors,” says Noel Everest, Service Group Manager of the urban fleet management.

Everest is also confident that the new refuse collection vehicle will receive a five-star rating as soon as London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s “Direct Vision Standards” directive comes into force, owing to a low-profile “high-visibility cab” with outstanding all-round visibility and good visibility of the driver by other road users.

Lewisham Town Council bought their first Econic in 2013, and now use Econics exclusively in their fleet. Around 40 Econics are used in the borough, while over 150 of the same electric-bodied models are in use in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Source: Daimler


Although it marks a tiny fraction of the possibilities of electrification, it’s positive that the benefits of these systems are realised, and that fleet managers become more used to operating and ordering them. The next step for Mercedes-Benz, and perhaps Lewisham, will be to move towards a fully electric vehicle, such as the one recently ordered for Sacramento, California.

Motiv Power Systems’ Electric Refuse Vehicle (ERV) uses a scalable, modular all-electric powertrain to drive the ‘class-8’ vehicle. For movement and for its hydraulic lift and press, the ERV is equipped with 10 battery packs, with potential space for two more if needed.

Chinese electric automaker, BYD, also recently unveiled a 120,000 lbs, battery-powered refuse truck. The vehicle, equipped with a 188 kWh battery pack, is capable of travelling 92 miles on one charge. 


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