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NASA: Electric Powered Planes Possible Now (Gineers Now)

On 26th February 2015, NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center expected the arrival of an exclusive experimental demonstrator. This demonstrator might be responsible for heralding the coolest future in aircraft technology. This involves the aircraft being powered by electric motors.

NASA has named this project, Leading Edge Asynchronous Technology. This project is all about testing the propulsion of the aircraft’s airframe, with the help of electric power. It will also test if this can result in generating environmental and economic benefit or not. Researchers of NASA will perform the experiment on the ground of carbon-made wing that measures 31 feet. It also has 18 electric motors that powered by batteries of lithium iron phosphate. This experiment will take several months to perform and analyze different results.

The wing used for the experiment is known as Hybrid-Electric Integrated System (HEIST). This wing is placed over a truck that has been specially built for this purpose.

LEAPTech is the primary element of the plan formulated by NASA to help the aircraft industry to transform from fuel-based to electrical propulsion in the years to come.

Attribution: http://gineersnow.com

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