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Netherlands Railways to green electric fleet

Train passes a wind farm in the Netherlands.

Dutch electric rail fleet to be powered exclusively by renewables from 2017

Netherlands Railways (NS) has said that all of its electric trains will use clean energy starting on January 1, 2017, one year earlier than the Dutch state-owned train operator had originally announced.

The renewable electricity to be used will be generated by wind farms. NS will be the first rail network in the world to reach such a clean-energy goal.

The trains affected carry both passengers and freight. NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) made the announcement at the recent Dutch national climate conference in Rotterdam.

Renewables already provide about half of the electricity used by the network. Around 1.2 TWh of electricity is consumed annually to operate the trains.

The move is part of a wider push for Dutch commuters to take more sustainable transport options, shifting from ICE cars to EVs, bikes and public transport, which will also be made greener. This is also being backed by co-operation from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment and the Dutch employer’s federation (VNO-NCW).


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