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New Charge NY campaign launched by Governor

Andrew Cuomo backs 450 new charging stations and a plan for an EV “model city”

March 6 saw Governor of New York state, Andrew Cuomo, announce a new EV campaign that includes the installation of charging stations, incentives for employers to encourage employees to drive electric vehicles and a public education drive.

The so-called Charge NY initiative, first begun in 2013, will support state plans for a 40% reduction in GHG emissions by 2030, and will be overseen by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

Reportedly, work will include the installation of 450 charging stations across the state. Of these, approximately 150 will be located at workplaces throughout New York, in particular Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo, Utica, Albany, the Hudson Valley, Westchester County, New York City and Long Island.

“I’m pleased with the progress we’re making in the energy sector but we can’t cut greenhouse gasses and reach our emissions reduction goals without also making inroads in the transportation sector,” said Richard Kauffman, Chairman of Energy and Finance for New York. “State-wide campaigns to promote the use of electric vehicles will go far to help New York reach its emissions reductions goals and combat climate change.”

The state has been one of the most progressive in adopting renewable energy and sustainable transport. More than 1,600 EV-charging stations have already been installed and Charge NY would see 3,000 in place by 2018. The latest announcement also follows a US$3 million rebate scheme through the Environmental Protection Fund for municipalities to purchase or lease zero-emission vehicles, such as battery electric and hydrogen vehicles, for their fleets.


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In addition, the city of Rochester will launch a pilot to become an EV model city. The goal is to demonstrate how developing an electric vehicle ecosystem can increase electric vehicle adoption and prepare a community for long-term electric vehicle growth. State, city and community leaders worked together to identify actions to support Rochester’s evolution into an electric vehicle model city, including adding electric vehicles to the city fleet, installing charging stations, creating a speaker’s bureau for community events and training for local dealerships.

The Charge NY projects will be managed by three contractors – EV Connect, Energetics and Calstart — for a total of US$4.8 million. All will be installing charging stations and administering outreach programs.

The state has also revised regulations to clarify charging station ownership rules, and supported research and demonstration projects on new plug-in electric car technologies and policies. In addition, the New York Power Authority has invited municipalities to tap into a master contract that offers better pricing for the supply, installation and maintenance of charging stations.

Source: Governor.ny


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