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New clean energy company to help EVs power the grid

EV8 Technologies aims to help monetise EV ownership

Three organisations have come together to launch a new clean-energy technology joint venture, EV8 Technologies.

The firm offers consumers and businesses the opportunity to produce, store and sell electricity at the edge of the power grid by harnessing the energy storage capabilities of their EVs.

“The government and private sector have made great progress in breaking the UK’s dependence on hydrocarbons and increasing renewable energy generation over the last decade. However, there is still a long way to go. The battery storage of electric vehicles is the silver bullet to accelerating the transition to clean energy.

“Car batteries are a vital asset – it is irresponsible to waste such a crucial resource as we transition to a cleaner world. In addition, it would help consumers and businesses generate revenues usually reserved for utilities.

“EV8 technologies’ cutting edge digital platforms gives consumers and businesses the opportunity to use their car as a battery, adapt when they charge in a more cost-effective manner and even sell power back to the grid, built around their schedule.

“For example, a car could earn up GBP1,500 per year for their owners while parked at the airport during the family holiday, at the supermarket while they do their shopping or even at a depot when deliveries are finished for the day,” said CEO of EV8 technologies Tom Harper.

The JV brings together global management consultancy AT Kearney, low-carbon technology not-for-profit group Cenex and Brixworth Technology, a boutique development house, which specialises in asset and software solutions.

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