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NewMotion to expand charging services in Europe

NewMotion charge points

NewMotion’s deal with Arval will help it expand into new markets

Charging services provider NewMotion will make fresh moves into Europe after signing a partnership agreement with Arval.

NewMotion is Europe’s largest provider of smart charging solutions. Arval is BNP Paribas’ car rental service.

Combined with an open roaming agreement, NewMotion customers already have access to more than 70,000 EV charge points across 25 countries internationally.

The company has its eye on consolidating its position in Europe and expanding into new markets.

Norway will be the first country to benefit from the roll-out of this joint initiative.

This will add to NewMotion’s European presence which includes the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany and the UK. Another four European countries are expected to be added from the second quarter of this year.

In order to support the company’s new ambitions, three people have recently joined NewMotion’s management team.

New CFO Marit Eshuis, COO Claire Scott and interim CCO Herman Keijsers will help power the company’s goal to be the European frontrunner in the new energy and mobility landscape.

NewMotion CEO Sytse Zuidema said: “This expansion aligns with our longer-term growth plans and demonstrates the huge investment we have already made towards creating innovative, customer-centric smart charging solutions.

“Electric driving is part of a much bigger revolution and Europe has started to transition to e-mobility. Just look at the increasing EV sales across the European countries.

“NewMotion sees itself as a key player in this new EV landscape which comes with new ways of dealing with energy and mobility challenges. Changing consumer behaviour and attitudes is a long-term goal and NewMotion is here to make a positive difference.”

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