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Nidec reveals Ultra Fast Charger

Nidec ASI Ultra Fast Charger

Nidec’s new Ultra Fast Charger promises rapid new generation charging ability

Italy-based machine manufacturer Nidec has revealed its Ultra Fast Charger, a system that the group claims can charge a car in under 15 minutes and guarantee 500 km of travel with minimal impact on the electricity grid.

The charger acts as a buffer between the electricity grid and the recharging tower. It incorporates 160 kWh of installed batteries with advanced power controls.

Nidec’s design can supply 320 kW of power to a vehicle against a power supply of 50 kW, multiplying the power drawn from the grid by a factor of six. This enables the batteries of new generation cars to recharge 80% of their capacity in less than 15 minutes.

It can also accommodate two vehicles in parallel or three in series and has an efficiency of 95%.

Nidec’s recharging systems can be supplied both from the electricity grid and from renewable sources and are also bi-directional: they can be used not only for recharging electric vehicles, but also supplying electricity to the grid.

Bi-directional charging is a way to increase the efficiency of charging electrical vehicles, as not only can a vehicle’s battery provide electricity to its owner’s home in the even of a power cut, it can theoretically be used to sell power back to the grid at peak times.

Nidec Industrial Solutions director of global sales and marketing, renewables Matteo Rizzi said that “thanks to installations of over 500 MWh throughout the world, and several years of commitment to the renewable energy and electric vehicle sectors, we have succeeded in engineering an advanced solution with a high vehicle recharging capacity, able to maintain a constant flow in the electricity grid, thereby reducing the risk of black outs that could be generated in the future as the use of electric cars becomes more widespread”.

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