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Nikola Motors purchases Arizona land for new manufacturing facility

Nikola Motors will build its hydrogen-electric class 8 vehicles at the plant

Phoenix-based Nikola Motors has bought an estimated 400 acres of property in Pinal County at Inland Port Arizona for the construction of a new manufacturing facility in a deal with real estate developer Saint Holdings.

The American hybrid truck design company hopes to start producing its hydrogen-electric class 8 vehicles at the unit, which upon completion is expected to bring approximately 2,000 jobs to the region by 2024, alongside thousands of indirect job opportunities in the local region.

“When we set out to build a factory, part of my vision was to help an entire community,” said Nikola CEO Trevor Milton. “Imagine what it will do for property values, schools, parks, and other city improvements.”

At the Nikola World 2019 at WestWorld in Scottsdale, Arizona, in April, the firm plans to reveal its second vehicle, the Nikola Two hydrogen fuel cell truck, of which more than 13,000 models have been pre-ordered.

The firm announced the model will come in both hydrogen and electric variants, but highlights that the hydrogen variant will be for long-haul application, and the all-electric semis should be mainly used for inner city trips and/or trucks with lighter loads.

Nikola Motors, which announced in February 2019 that Mark Russell joined its executive management team as president, designs and manufactures hydrogen-electric vehicles, electric vehicle drivetrains, vehicle components, energy storage systems, and hydrogen stations.

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