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Nikola showcases five zero-emission products at Nikola World

Nikola discussed the company’s hydrogen vision at the Nikola World event

Nikola CEO Trevor Milton has unveiled five of his company’s new products at Nikola World. “We want to transform everything about the transportation industry,” said Milton. “With Nikola’s vision, the world will be cleaner, safer and healthier.”

The first product unveiled was the autonomous-capable Nikola Reckless, the military all-terrain vehicle that was driven on stage via remote control. “With virtually no sound and no heat signature, the Reckless provides new meaning to stealth and is defying all standards,” said Nikola Powersports vice-president of business development and defence Andrew Christian. “We believe all military vehicles will transform to battery electric and hydrogen fuel cells in the future.”

Nikola World attendees saw the Nikola Water Adventure Vehicle (WAV) concept which has been teased for some time and is now a reality. Vice-president of Nikola Powersports and an industry pioneer in the electrification of personal watercraft Jordan Darling said: “We at Nikola are creating the world’s first “wakeboard” architecture, which enables us to push the limits in design and propulsion.”

Nikola executive vice-president of Hydrogen Jesse Schneider discussed Nikola’s hydrogen fuel cell vision. The vision consists of the world’s first purpose-built fuel cell Class 8 truck, enabling more hydrogen storage, optimised placement of the powertrain, and a robust 70MPa hydrogen fuelling network. “We recently opened our first hydrogen station at our Phoenix headquarters. We are leading the way and working with industry and other OEMs to develop hydrogen standards to enable fuelling in less than 15 minutes. The goal is safety and interoperability, so that anyone can fuel at our station. This is a big deal,” he said.

For the European market, Nikola President Mark Russell and Milton unveiled the never-before-seen Nikola Tre with its clean, contemporary design. “With a range between 500 and 750 miles depending upon load, this gorgeous vehicle will have fast hydrogen fuelling in under 15 minutes, even in Europe,” said Russell. “Think about Europe with no more diesel trucks,” said Milton. “The roads will be clean, quiet and beautiful.”

All of the Nikola products have been built for the future with autonomous driving hardware in place.

Milton also unveiled “the most advanced commercial truck the world has ever seen, the Nikola Two”. The Nikola Two will be driven on the demonstration track on the second day of Nikola World.

Milton also revealed the redesigned NZT. Attendees at the event were able to ride in the NZT Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) on a closed course track.

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