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Nissan IDS Concept
Nissan IDS Concept

Nissan Unveils New IDS Electric Concept Car (Transport Evolved)

Fully autonomous and fully electric was the mantra behind Nissan’s new IDS concept car, unveiled ahead of the official opening of the Tokyo Motor Show.  The Nissan IDS Concept car is powered by a next-generation 60 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack, features fully-automatic coach doors and wireless inductive charging.  While the car can be driven in fully-autonomous mode, there’s also a fully-retracting steering wheel, allowing the car to be driven in manual mode as and when desired. The car can even learn to spot the signs of when its driver gets tired, making a suggestion when and where to stop for a break and  suggest a suitable restaurant for you to have a meal at, based on your previous dining destinations and preferences.  The presentation highlighted the upcoming  Intelligent Driving System 1.0 which is the first phase in Nissan’s autonomous driving updates.  Though the IDS is unlikely to see production, it  highlights Nissan’s ambitious vision for the future of the automotive industry.

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