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Plug Power announces commercial launch of 30-kW hydrogen ProGen engine

The first commercial orders for the ProGen hydrogen engine are scheduled for July 2019

Plug Power Inc., a leader providing energy solutions that change the way the world moves, has announced the launch of its 30-kW hydrogen fuel cell engine, the newest commercial product from the ProGen suite of products.

The reliable ProGen 30-kW engine provides a cost-effective solution to meet the needs of today’s electric vehicle use-case, including high utilisation, extended runtimes, reliable performance in harsh environments, rapid fuelling, and zero emissions. ProGen industry-leading products make it simple for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to adopt sustainable fuel cell power.

Delivery of the first commercial orders for this product are scheduled in July 2019 to European and Asian on-road e-mobility applications.

The modular pre-engineered ProGen engines allow OEMs to rapidly convert commercial fleet vehicles to zero emission powertrains, reduce time to market, and benefit from the ProGen volume leverage in the overall market.

The complete 30-kW ProGen engine solution contains the fuel cell stack, required balance of plant, dc/dc converter, and cooling.

Delivery vans and light/medium duty cargo box trucks are some of the leading applications for the 30-kW ProGen hydrogen engine.

“At Plug Power, we’re continuing to lead the hydrogen industry by setting the agenda to further shape the way we power the e-mobility market. This product launch is just one example of the innovation that will come from us in 2019,” said CEO of Plug Power Andy Marsh.

“We’re excited to start shipping this higher capacity engine to our customers around the world, allowing them to efficiently power a range of vehicles and move to the reality of on-road applications powered by hydrogen.”

The demand for Plug Power products underscores how hydrogen is ideally positioned to be the fuel of the future when it comes to the electrification of transportation. According to KPMG’s most recent report, hydrogen fuel cell EVs have replaced battery EVs as the No.1 key trend in the automotive industry until 2025.

A McKinsey report further backs this trend, predicting that by 2050, hydrogen could power a global fleet of more than 400 million cars, 15-20 million trucks, and around 5 million buses, which constitute on average 20 to 25% of their respective transportation segments.

As major enterprise companies around the world invest in a combination of hydrogen and battery powered EVs, they have seen increased range and vehicle uptime while simultaneously enjoying decreased fuel and maintenance costs.

Plug Power looks forward to leading this e-mobility revolution with continued additions to the growing line of ProGen products.

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