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Porsche plays coy over Mission E CUV

Porsche unveils the Mission E Cross Turismoin Geneva.

Porsche’s new concept, the Mission E Cross Turismo has proven to be a hit, with the manufacturer now mooting a potential production release

Last week Porsche used its platform at the Geneva Motor Show to promote, among other things, a new all-electric crossover based on its Mission E EV platform.

The Mission E Cross Turismo is a four-door, all-electric concept that meets somewhere in the middle between sporty coupe and off-road AWD. Channelling much of the same styling as the Panamera and the Cayenne, it’s an EV that feels much more realised than many of the concepts shown at these conventions.

At just under 5m long, features include all-wheel drive and an 800V electrical system, aimed at a future fast-charging network. More than that, Porsche is also taking the fight to rivals like Mercedes with the inclusion of an induction charging system.

800V architecture allows for exceptional fast-charging capabilities, cramming a range of around 250 miles (again NEDC-rated) in just over 15 minutes. Porsche specifically namechecks the IONITY venture, which aims to install 350kW charging stations at major arterial roads across Europe, so we can presume (as with its other Mission E model) that this power output will be accepted.

Under the bonnet, two motors offer a total output of over 600 hp (440 kW) and acceleration of 0-100kph in under 3.5 seconds and up to 200kph in under 12. Bullishly, Porsche says that “[this] level of continuous power is unmatched by any other electric vehicle,” and while we might have to disagree, it is nonetheless impressive.

Mission E Cross Turismo
Mission E Cross Turismo interior

No word on battery specifications accompanied the announcement, although ElecTrans would presume somewhere in the region of 100kWh would fit both the charging time calculations and the estimated range.

Porsche also sketched out plans for a range of connected infrastructure too, including branded home batteries and charging systems. Like Tesla, Porsche evidently sees the appeal of providing a range of ancillary services to squeeze additional revenues from those buying to e-mobility.

More than that, there are a host of other ideas that accompany the car, including a Porsche e-bike, and even a connected drone in the boot:



Having unveiled the car on March 6 with no explicit plans for production, an update on March 12 now has the company considering whether the Cross Turismo will in fact be made.

Porsche chief designer Michael Mauer was enthusiastic but offered no promises, noting that: “It goes without saying that I would like to see that happen with this vehicle: our team has put its heart and soul into the Cross Turismo over the last two years. Perhaps that means I’m not very objective. What is important now is for us to see how the public responds to the vehicle and then we can draw the right conclusions.”

Less subtle was the emphatic poll via the company’s press department:



Despite the company’s attempt at being coy, ElecTrans expects that the model will indeed be put into production. As evidenced by the Tesla Model X, the Jaguar I-PACE, Mercedes’ EQ, Byton’s SUV and many, many more, the crossover and SUV market is where most electric carmakers have set their sights – and if Porsche is serious about electrification, it will be aiming for that too.

Moreover, it’s no stranger to that market – its successful Cayenne brand is synonymous with the “premium SUV” – and it is unlikely to willingly cede market share to its competitors as they push for electrification.

Porsche has also stated that the Cross Turismo “uses elements that are close to series production” again suggesting that a commercial model would not be a significant stretch in terms of development.

With the Mission E due late next year, ElecTrans expects a production CUV to follow in 2020 or 2021. Whether the drone will be included in the sticker price or cost extra, we’ll just have to wait and see.


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