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Proterra applauds recipients of funding for zero-emission battery-electric buses

US$35.6 million of funding will be spent on Proterra’s electric buses and related infrastructure

Proterra, an innovator in heavy-duty electric transportation, has announced that 23 US transit agencies have won Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Low or No Emission Vehicle Deployment Grants (Low-No) for Proterra battery-electric buses and charging infrastructure.

A total of US$35.6 million in funding will enable new states and communities across the US to deploy zero-emission Proterra battery-electric vehicles and related infrastructure.

Electric bus adoption is growing rapidly among a diverse group of transit agencies from coast-to-coast.

The 23 winning transit agencies span 18 states from Alaska to New Mexico, Michigan and Maine, representing a new era of mobility as agencies in both red and blue states, and in rural and urban areas, implement electric transit programmes.

The Low-No grant funds will be used to purchase or lease Catalyst electric transit vehicles, battery systems and charging infrastructure.

Transit agencies from 18 states partnered with Proterra on their grant applications, and 18 of the 23 agencies were new Proterra partners.

A cornerstone of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act passed by Congress and signed into law in December 2015, the Low-No grants support the development of transit buses and infrastructure that use advanced technologies.

Eligible projects included those that replace, rehabilitate, lease or purchase buses, bus-related equipment and facilities.

Projects also included workforce development components to train the next generation of US transit talent. This marks the fifth consecutive year that Proterra’s partners have received the lion’s share of the grants awarded, underscoring Proterra’s popularity and success with transit agencies across the country.

With Proterra Catalyst battery-electric, zero-emission buses, transit agencies improve their customer experience by offering a clean, quiet transit experience for riders.

Adoption of all-electric buses is expected to improve the local air quality in each of the communities they serve, with zero tailpipe emissions. The 2018 Low-No grants represent a landmark year in the history of the programme, with the greatest amount of funding awarded and 48 of 52 awards granted for battery-electric bus procurements.

“Now in our fifth year of Low-No Grant participation, it’s gratifying to see such widespread momentum and enthusiasm for zero-emission transportation and battery-electric fleets,” said Proterra CEO Ryan Popple. “We commend these transit agencies for their efforts to reduce fossil fuel consumption and build a cleaner, healthier future together.”

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