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Proterra introduces Apex vehicle intelligence system

Apex is Proterra’s cloud-based monitoring system for EVs

Proterra, a leading innovator in heavy-duty electric transportation, has given attendees at the American Public Transit Association (APTA) Annual Meeting in Nashville a glimpse at the next level for smart, connected, electric transit with the introduction of the Proterra APEX connected vehicle intelligence system.

With the new APEX system, Proterra’s transit operator customers across North America can access historical and real-time information on the performance of their electric fleets via a secure, cloud-based data platform. Real-time access to data on vehicle speed, distance travelled, location, charge status, and energy usage gives operators powerful insights for fleet optimisation and cost reduction.

“With mass transit now moving quickly toward a battery-electric future, we see a real opportunity to optimise vehicle and charging operations and create a deeper connection for our transit customers through new levels of transparency and data analytics,” said Proterra senior director for customer service Mike Finnern. “The Proterra APEX system provides valuable insights to stakeholders at all levels of a transit organisation, including advanced fleet analytics, customisable alerts and real-time information to help our customers smoothly transition to an all-electric future.”

Designed for improved operations and greater fleet transparency, the Proterra APEX platform enables fleet operators to reduce costs and avoid potential operating delays by monitoring the performance and health of battery-electric fleets.

By accessing performance data and receiving customisable alerts for vehicles and charging systems, customers can minimise risks, make informed decisions and ultimately reduce the frequency of on-site visits by solving problems remotely and proactively.

In addition to vehicle analytics, the Proterra APEX system provides enhanced charger management with real-time updates on charger activity, charger status, and remote charging control. Data can be accessed from the APEX cloud-based portal, downloaded via customised reports, or integrated into a customer’s existing intelligent transportation system (ITS).

With cities across North America committing to electric fleets, transit operators will require intelligent monitoring systems that exceed current standards and include new data points unique to battery-electric fleets.

The APEX intelligent monitoring system takes a comprehensive approach to scalable, electric fleet management through actionable insights and support, enabling transit operators to offer emission-free transit service to their communities with a first-in-kind level of connectivity.

“Demonstrating the heavy-duty performance and reliability of our battery-electric vehicles and charging systems has always been at the core of our mission. Now with the APEX platform, we’re taking that performance a step further, creating a new standard for operational transparency and fleet optimisation,” said Proterra CEO Ryan Popple. “We believe that this new level of connectivity and data transparency will support our transit customers as they adapt to an increasingly complex and changing transportation environment.”

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